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I'm away from the shop until July 18th 2018 and won't accecpt pickup mounting ring orders until I return. Thanks for your patience.

All export of true rosewood parts beyond the US borders is suspended indefinitely. These include Brazilian rosewood, East Indian rosewood, African blackwood kingwood and cocobolo.

These wood pickup mounting surrounds, bezels or pickup rings fit standard humbuckers. They are direct wooden replicas of the Gibson® "Historic spec" M69, MR490 and MR491 plastic rings. They also fit Heritage and PRS® guitars. Inside dimensions are 1.516" (38.5mm) wide by 2.780" (70.7mm) with a 3/32" (2.36mm) inside corner radius. Outside dimensions are 1.750" (44.45mm) x 3.510" (89.15mm) with a 1/8" (3.2mm) corner radius. The top outside edges are rounded over to a 1/16" (1.6mm) radius. Height adjustment screw holes are 3.080" (78.23mm) center to center and 7/64" (2.75mm) dia. Mounting screw holes are 1.440" (36.5mm) width x 3.1875" (80.95mm)length, center to center and 3/32" (2.36mm) dia with counter sinks for #2 screws. The rings come in flat or short, tapered/slanted/wedge-shaped 1/4" to 3/16" (6.3mm to 4.8mm) and tall heights which taper from 1/2" to 3/8" (12.7 mm to 10.15mm). Other heights and tapers from 1/16" (1.6mm) to 3/4" (19mm) are available.

All rings come with your choice of stainless steel, black or gold mounting screws in #2 x 1/2" and or #2 x 3/4" as required. If you need the matching phillips-head, #3-48 x 1.25" height adjustment screws and or springs please let me know and I'll include those as well in your package.

Wood grain orientation is perpendicular to the strings by default for added strength and stability. The exception to this curly maple wings which will have the grain parallel to the strings. Rings come unfinished but fine sanded and polished. A matte oiled or a satin finish can be specified.

On most Gibson® Les Paul®, ES and other carved top guitars the bottoms of the rings need a concave radius of between 15" and 42". I'm happy to do some of this for you but it won't match your guitar exactly. Final fitting will have to be done with sandpaper on your guitar. You will first need to determine the top radius of your guitar or send me a tracing of the bottoms of your current rings. You can print out the radius gauge PDF from pickguardian.com on card stock and carefully cut it out to see which radii come closest to your guitar top. Epiphone guitars have an abrupt radius at each end but are nearly flat in the middle

Because of the inherent instability and brittle nature of wood these rings are extremely delicate. I recommended that they be installed by a qualified repair person. Pickup rings are not warranted against breakage due to over-tightened mounting screws, mis-aligned holes or springs that are too stiff. If you have "short leg" HB pickups you must cut the springs shorter by at least 1/3 or more. Most breaks are easily super glued over wax paper on a flat work board.

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