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All export of true rosewood parts beyond the US borders is suspended indefinitely. These include Brazilian rosewood, East Indian rosewood, African blackwood kingwood and cocobolo.

These wood pickup rings fit minibuckers and firebird pickups. Inside dimensions are 1.125" wide by 2.8" with 3/32 inside corner radius. Outside dimensions are 1.50" x 3." with a 1/8" corner radius. The top outside edges are rounded over to a 1/16" radius. Height adjustment screws are 3.08" center to center and 7/64" dia. Mounting screw holes are 1.460" width x 3.232" length, center to center and 3/32" dia. The rings come in short, flat 3/16" (4mm) tall, short, wedge-shaped 1/4" to 3/16" (6.3mm to 4.8mm) and tall heights which taper from 1/2" to 3/8" (12.7 mm to 10.15mm).

Wood grain orientation is usually perpandicular to the strings for added strength and stability, grain parallel to the strings is optional. The standard finish is satin but gloss or unfinished can be specified in the finish preferences area.

On Gibson® Les Paul®, carved top guitars the bottoms of the rings need a concave radius of about a 15". I'm happy to do this for you but it might not match your guitar exactly. Other models have a shallower curvature which will have to be determined

Ebony pickup rings are available as a special order. Because of the inherent instability and brittle nature of ebony these rings are extremely delicate. It is recommended that they be installed by a qualified repair person. Pickup rings are not waranteed against breakage due to over-tightened mounting screws or mis-aligned holes.

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