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All export of true rosewood parts beyond the US borders is suspended indefinitely. These include Brazilian rosewood, East Indian rosewood, African blackwood kingwood and cocobolo.


These wood pickup rings adapt minibuckers and firebird pickups to fit a traditional P90 rout. Inside dimensions are 1.112" wide by 2.702" (28.25 mm x 68.7 mm) with 3/32 inside corner radius. Outside dimensions are 1.365" x 3.375" (85.7 mm x 34.65 mm) with a 1/4" (7 mm) corner radius. The top outside edges are rounded over to a 1/16" radius. Height adjustment screws are 2.954" (75.08 mm) center to center and 7/64" dia with a .060 x .220" couterbore for a flush screw head. The rings are the same height as a normal P90 pickup, or .630" (15.8 mm) tall. Mounting was originally accomplished with an awkward system involving a washer soldered to the mounting screws. One can also glue 3-48 nuts to the screws to hold the ring in place or use nylock nuts.

Wood grain orientation is usually perpandicular to the strings for added strength and stability, grain parallel to the strings is optional, just note it "Special instructions". The standard finish is satin but gloss or unfinished can be specified in the finish preferences area.

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