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My main shop dust collection system is down and ramps can't be fabricated until I can get the motor fixed or replaced

Brazilian rosewood can't be shipped outside the US due to CITES listing.

Order a custom wood pickup ramp for your bass guitar by following these instructions.

  • Choose any wood in the collection below or enter a different wood choice.
  • Enter your ramp dimensions, what I'll need to know:
    • The distance between the pickups.
    • The length of each pickup.
    • The height of each pickup.
    • The height under the outer strings.
    • The height under the center string(s).
    • The fingerboard radius at the body end of the neck (if you know it).
    • Does the ramp need to fit over a partial pickguard?

    These measurements can be made with a ruler that reads 1mm, 1/32" or smaller increment and entered in the form below. Alternatively you can make a paper/cardstock template that fits between the pickups on your bass. You can either cut the card to size with scissors or fold up the extra length and width and tape it back on itself. If the pickups have mounting tabs (Jazz and P pickups) mark the locations of those and if it's easy for you, carefully cut the tab areas out. Looking straight down from above the bass mark on the template where each string passes over it. Stand a small card on the top of the bass between the pickups up against each string and carefully mark the bottom of the string on the card and label it (E, A, D, G, etc). You can keep using the same card and rotating it to a new edge for each string. Also mark the height of each pickup on the card and indicate "neck" or "bridge". You can mail these cards to me in an envelope or scan them into a PDF document and email it to me. If you scan them please include a line of inch or cm markings to one side so I can verify the 1:1 scale of the PDF.

  • If your bass is a common model, indicate that and any other information that could be useful to me.
  • Once I receive your form I'll contact you with an estimate and payment information.

  • Contact Information
    • A rectangular ramp with a flat top that slopes from the bridge pickup to the neck pickup is $85.
    • A simple rectangular ramp with a radius top to fit between two soapbar pickups is $105.
    • A tapered ramp to fit between Jazz bass pickups of different lengths $135.
    • A tapered ramp for American Standard Jazz bass with pickguard is $199.
    • A ramp to fit a Fender® P bass, between pickup and bridge $149.
    • Add $25 for a ramp that accommodates a pick guard under part of it.
    • Bookmatched figured wood to match the body, add $45.
    • Convex underside to accommodate a radiused top bass (Spector NS and Ibanez SR5006) $35.
    • A hard, gloss finish $35.
    • Matching tinted finish, adds $75
    • Add-ons such as an inlayed top or engraving. $95/hour

    Ramp wood:
    holly white curly maple curly western maple
    birdseye maple quilted maple maple burl
    spalted maple ash cherry
    cocobolo redwood burl curly koa
    santos mahogany lacewood pau ferro
    claro walnut walnut burl curly walnut
    zebrawood shedua buckeye burl
    imbuya purpleheart padauk
    bloodwood bubinga east indian rosewood
    macassar ebony wenge black ebony
    Other wood selection:

    Description of instrument, including make and model of pickups (if known):
    Choose your fingerboard radius:
    Desired height at center of bridge pickup:
    Desired height at center of neck pickup:
    Distance between pickups:
    Length of bridge pickup:
    Length of neck pickup:
    Height of bridge pickup:
    Height of neck pickup:


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